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Analysis of European maritime enterprise interaction has shown high economic potential through improvements in company interoperability as well as through adoption of e-commerce technologies. WONDERMAR II objectives therefore are:

to improve the systematic exchange of information
to forge links between project teams which carry out RTD for a common industry
to disseminate and multiply information outside of the RTD community into regional settings
to encourage take up of new IT and thus fast exploitation
to disseminate project results into European regions
to bring European experts from Research and Industry to regional maritime areas
to inform regional industry, in particular SMEs, about technology trends and actual developments in EU Research
to recommend Standards and Protocols for business applications and
to contribute to the R&D Masterplan.

Description of Work

WONDERMAR II breaks down into 3 workpackages plus one management task. The first workpackage is the organisation of 5 events as the central element for information dissemination. These events comprise five public workshops as a forum for three expert groups working in workpackage 2 on a "Shipbuilding Information Society Technology (IST) Review". The three expert groups cover three relevant areas "design", "manufacturing and assembly" and "logistics and supply chain management" and edit the report in four dedicated sections on state-of-the-art in Maritime IT Tools, Standards and Protocol, Economic Potential of New Tools and Processes and IT Gaps. The report will also serve to update the Maritime Masterplan for R&D.

The workshops further serve the dissemination of research findings and its application in industry to the local industry including small exhibition areas showing prototypes and pilot implementations resulting from actual IST projects. A total of five workshops will be organised by project partners in European maritime regions. This approach is well established and proved feasible in WONDERMAR I. The workshops are open to both project participants as well as local industry representatives to provide a forum for the research projects to meet and learn from each other and from the industry as well as to demonstrate the latest development and application of technology in the maritime field to the regional industry.

In the third workpackage, the existing project website of WONDERMAR I will be extended and improved to assure electronic dissemination of the project findings including workshop reports and the "Shipbuilding IST Review". It is therefore anticipated that the WONDERMAR website will evolve into an essential and sustainable part of the marine information infrastructure.



First version of the "Shipbuilding IST Review" including state-of-the-art, relevant standards report, economic potential and IT gaps after 6 months (Milestone 1). Revision of this report after 18 months (Milestone 2).

Workshops, technology reports and website provide for the first time comprehensive information and overview of the field of information society technology for maritime applications. This results in a better knowledge of the situation of IST technology, including an evaluation on the status of implementation, including actual R&D projects and expected results.